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SPThemes is a theming solution for SharePoint, providing supportable custom themes, personal themes, and site collection scoped themes.

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  • Supportable themes solution with no need to modify out-of-the-box files
  • Users can have personal themes if enabled
  • Style library means easier deployment of custom themes
  • Themes are scoped per site collection rather than per site/web

SPThemes uses only supportable methods for extending the functionality of SharePoint and does not modify any default features or files in SharePoint.


SPThemes uses a setup feature to perform all the steps required to set up the solution. After installing, simply activate the SPThemesSetup feature from the Site Collection Features page and then look for the SPThemes link on the site settings page.
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On the SPThemes configuration page you can turn SPThemes on or off, and disable or enable user selected themes. You also select the site collection theme and access the style library.
Figure 2.png

Each theme is stored as a folder in the style library.

If enabled, users can select their themes from the Personal actions menu.
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SPThemes and SPThemes Explained, USP Journal Issue 6

SPThemes and SPSampleData have been developed as part of Understanding SharePoint Journal Issue 6, titled SPThemes and SPSampleData Explained

The issue explains in detail how the solution works, and teaches the patterns and techniques behind the solutions.

SPThemes and SPSampleData Explained teaches:
  • DelegateControls
  • Custom Property Storage
  • User List Extensions
  • CustomActions
  • Application Page Development
  • Feature Receivers

SPThemes and SPSampleData Explained is now available.

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